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Bowie Power Station Announces Plan to Run Solely on Clean Natural Gas

PHOENIX, AZ (Aug. 31, 2007) – Developers of the Bowie Power Station announced today that its electric generation facility planned for southeastern Arizona will move forward utilizing clean-burning natural gas as its sole fuel source.

The facility was to use gasified coal as the primary fuel source, with natural gas serving only as a back-up. The adjustment reverts the project back to the configuration as originally permitted by Cochise County and the Arizona regulators in 2002.

“We’re making this decision for combination of reasons,” said David Getts, General Manager of SouthWestern Power Group. “Market economics, regulatory uncertainty, and public understanding are all factors that helped us come to this decision. With natural gas as the fuel source, the Bowie Power Station will provide critical electric infrastructure and do it in a way proven as reliable, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.”

As a result of this action, Bowie Power Station will not be incorporating an emerging technology known as Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC). IGCC offers tremendous environmental benefits compared to traditional pulverized coal plants by gasifying coal prior to combustion.

“While we continue to believe in the benefits of IGCC technology, we are enthusiastic about building an important project in Bowie and a clean-burning natural gas facility has the best chance of being permitted, constructed, and successful within a reasonable timeframe” said Getts.

The project has already been granted a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility by the Arizona Corporation Commission, an air permit by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and a special use permit by Cochise County. The remaining regulatory requirements will be completed in early 2008 and construction will begin as soon as possible thereafter.

Bowie Power Station is a 1,000 megawatt natural gas electric power generation facility planned near the community of Bowie in southeastern Arizona. The project is being developed by Southwestern Power Group, a Phoenix-based company that develops, and through affiliates, constructs, owns and operates power plants throughout the U.S. For more information, go to


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